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The Grand Smorgasbord
ISBN 978-3-9523908-3-2
Roxie Robin, Sofia Starling, Benny Blackbird and Gerry Goldfinch were not as adventurous as Banjo Blue Jay. Banjo Blue Jay spent her days traveling to the sea for fresh fish and occasionally uptown for buttery asparagus. The others just ate the same boring food, day in and day out. Banjo Blue Jay decided to throw a Grand Smorgasboard and invite everyone to bring his or her favorite dish.
Softcover - Price: sfr.20.00
Kicker with it's Okay to Cry!
ISBN 978-0-9913395-0-1
Kicker is rambunctious golden retriever. His most important role is visiting children at local hospital and licking their wet tears away. Hospitals can be tricky places for children and their families. But with so many amazing distractions-noisy parades, wishing bowls, twittering chirping crickets, wobbly blue jello, silly songs and more - the children are comformed by the ingenious, imaginative staff.
Softcover - Price: sfr.20.00
Capu Capuchin goes to The Monkey College!
ISBN 978-0-9913395-7-0
Mr. Capuchin is well-respected service monkey. He is determined to teach his three children, Capu, Dorsey and Jorge, to be the best monkey helpers possible. His youngest son, Capu, has a difficult time following the three important safety rules: 1. Wear your helmet, 2. Wear your seatbelt, and 3. No diving in shallow water. Join and discover if Capu learns the safety rules and makes it into The Monkey College!
Softcover - Price: sfr.20.00
ISBN 978-3-9523908-2-5
The multicolored Ferris Wheel is the greatest ride of all times. Come join us and discover how the Primary and Secondary colors join together to form one big happy family.
Hardcover - Price: sfr.20.00
The Moon Throws a Birthday Party
ISBN 978-3-9523908-1-8
The Moon plans a Birthday party and invites all his star friends. Except, that is, the most important star, the sun. And sun has quite a temper. Wind hopes that Moon will invite everyone to the party. What will Moon decide? See who gets to drink glacier drinks and eat moonbeam cookies.
Hardcover - Price: sfr.20.00
The Most Beautiful Color of all
ISBN 978-3-9523908-0-1
A box of colored pencils comes to life as Bettie Blue, Oliver Orange, Robert Red, Yasmin Yellow, Gertrude Green and Beezlie Black try to prove which of them is the most beautiful. But Grandmother Priscilla Purple knows something the other colors don't know...yet! Join in for a colorful journey through blue oceans, orange pumpkins, red fire trucks, yellow suns, green dragons and black starry nights.
Hardcover - Price: sfr.20.00
Polly Poplar Plays Dress up
ISBN 978-1-58385-135-7
Polly Poplar is the grouchiest tree in the forest, and her friends Peter Pine, Wally Willow, and Beatrice Birch want to help cheer her up. Find out what surprises await her!
Hardcover - Price: sfr.20.00
ISBN 978-09840773-3-5
Jeremy has a pet plant, and her name is Lillypad. Through his relationship with Lillypad, little Jeremy learns all about the fun of friendship, the importance of taking care of your loved ones, and the beauty of stillness.
Softcover - Price: sfr.15.00
Santa Delivers Presents in the Big City
ISBN 978-0-9840773-0-4
Time is short for Santa and all his trusty elves and reindeer as they prepare to deliver presents to the big city on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, Hailey the lead reindeer is not feeling so well. Can Santa Claus find out what is bothering his lead reindeer? Will all of the presents be delivered on time?
Softcover - Price: sfr.15.00



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